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Demo rules
A general rule of thumb to follow when recording a demo is not to alter the default gameplay in any way. This ensures the compliance of your demo with the rules at any time.
1Only demos by players from [ee] Estonia, [lv] Latvia and [lt] Lithuania will be accepted. If you are based in another country but believe you should have the right to get your records listed on this site, please contact any of the demo checkers to discuss the issue. In essence, it is likely that you will be allowed to submit your demos if you are related to any of the Baltic countries and do not record for any other national kreedz community.
2All of your demos must be recorded in new game, your personal LAN server. Demos recorded on a public/dedicated server or HLTV will not be accepted.
3Having players on your LAN server is allowed as far as they do not give you an advantage in any way, such as by destroying objects or pressing buttons.
4When the timer is on, no weapons other than knife and USP are allowed to be used.
5Your demo has to be complete, meaning it has to be started before pressing the start button and ended after having pressed the stop button. If you are not recording with a legal (bought) version of the game, it is also required for you to kill yourself before ending the demo.
6It is strictly forbidden to use any programs, scripts or plugins that might give you a competitive advantage over others. These include: slow motion, bhop hacks, checkpoints, live timers, jump-wait scripts, +hook, mpbhops, /speed, /showpre, /invis. If you are unsure about the legality of an add-on you are using, it is safer not to use it at all.
Exception: /showpre is allowed in longjump demos.
7Every demo submitted under your name has to be recorded by yourself and nobody else. In case of multiple persons using a single alias to submit their demos under, all parties involved will be punished.
8The original state of a map has to be preserved before pressing the start button, meaning no breakable objects can be destroyed (bridges, windows) or buttons pressed (doors).
Exception: There are a few maps out there that require this rule to be broken, such as risk_forgeblock, in order to get access to the start button. In this case, the door must be left to close before starting the timer.
9It is not allowed to use any assistance (such as checkpoints or +hook) to reach a spot not attainable by climbing (i.e. without using any plugins) before pressing the start button.
10Each of your demo has to be able to be viewed without having to install any external plugins, models, textures etc. that are not bundled with the map itself.
11No changes in configuration (binds, settings) are allowed to be made during the run.
12The FPS (frames per second) count must have an upper limit of 100.0 throughout the run and has to average to at least 85.0. Despite this, demos with major deviations in framerate but the average inside the allowed limits will be subject to additional evaluation and may still be denied.
13All maps a record can be submitted on can be found in the records list. Long-, high-, (multi)count- and bunnyjump demos must be recorded on kz_longjumps2, weirdjumps on either kzlt_weirdjumps or weird_longjumps2.
14Your demo has to be recorded with following (default) settings:
edgefriction "2"
mp_footsteps "1"
sv_cheats "0"
sv_gravity "800"
sv_airaccelerate "10"
sv_maxspeed "320"
sv_stepsize "18"
sv_maxvelocity "2000"

developer "0"
cl_sidespeed "400"
fps_max "99.5"

NB! If your maximum FPS is higher than 100, try the following settings:
kz_legalsettings "0" (or disabling any lj-related plugins that could force FPS to change)
gl_vsync "0" (changing fps_override value might also help)
15A demo file (.dem) that is being submitted must be named accordingly and compressed using ZIP/WinZIP (.zip), so that the archive has the exact same name as the demo inside it (except for file extensions). The naming conventions are:
Map demos: mapname_playername_time(.dem/.zip) (e.g. kz_climbersxp_b03[easy]_eThZ`_1229.77)
Longjump demos: block_type_playername(.dem/.zip) (e.g. 244_hj_N1K1t1Ch^)
Since the in-game Kreedz timer is inaccurate, real time has be calculated for each demo. You can use DemoChecker for that.
16Minimum block lengths for different longjump types:
245 for longjumps (lj)
230 for highjumps (hj)
235 for bunnyhop longjumps (bhop)
250 for countjumps (cj)
260 for multi countjumps (dcj)
265 for weirdjumps (wj)
Try to keep the number of attempts in a single demo as low as possible (preferably less than 10), as recordings that are too long will not be accepted. You can use the following bind to start recording a new demo after each try:
bind key "say /gocheck; stop; start demoname"
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[lt] Balcer
• 14 Nov, 16:40
Thanks for suggestion, but i dont play since mid 2014, also my steam somehow hacked i guy from chinese, i recovered it, but he deleted all my steam friends
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 Nov, 00:16
@Balcer, go to kz-rush
[lt] Balcer
• 12 Nov, 18:48
ohh bad news, xj was still quite active
[gb] spr1n
• 09 Nov, 16:30
From what I heard new "developers" they hired botched it completely and have no working back ups
[lt] Balcer
• 09 Nov, 11:43
Hi, what happened to xj web?
[ee] r0byN
• 23 Oct, 19:22
[ee] r0byN
• 23 Oct, 19:21
[ee] c0r0na
• 08 Oct, 18:45
[ee] SlasHeR
• 07 Oct, 21:11
[ee] c0c0n
• 06 Oct, 18:43
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