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Player: Winkuz
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[lt] Winkuz [Profile]
National ranking: 4 / 99
Overall ranking: 18 / 99
First record: 27.07.07
Latest record: 08.02.15
Record statistics
Records: 56 / 272
National records: 44 (79%)
Multinational records: 12 (21%)
Longjump records: 2
World records: 0
ROTMs: 0
Most recorded map: kz_exn_ezjungle (x7)
Most records released at once: 30 (12.04.14)
Previous records Current records Longjump records

Type Mapname Time Date Get
[lt] ak_rh_warehouse_ns 09:46.xx 16.08.07 DL
[lt] bkz_dusttemple 05:09.xx 31.10.07 DL
[eu] cg_xmasjourney 06:30.38 17.01.08 DL
[eu] kzlt_village 02:35.xx (+00:05.xx) 06.04.09 DL
[lt] kzro_darkfury 06:02.xx 06.04.09 DL
[lt] kzsca_dawn 07:36.xx 07.10.08 DL
[lt] kz_adventure 04:02.xx 09.09.08 DL
[lt] kz_adv_underground 09:48.xx (+03:17.xx) 02.12.07 DL
[lt] kz_canyon 11:38.xx (+02:40.xx) 09.11.07 DL
[lt] kz_cg_lavacliff 04:10.xx (+00:08.xx) 08.08.07 DL
[eu] kz_cg_rivacliff 02:01.xx (+00:03.xx) 27.10.08 DL
[lt] kz_chinabl0ck 05:38.48 (+00:47.xx) 14.08.09 DL
[lt] kz_cliffez 02:14.xx (+00:06.xx) 06.12.08 DL
[eu] kz_conveyor 04:02.xx (+00:45.xx) 24.01.11 DL
[eu] kz_crs_iceclimb 04:11.64 (+00:14.xx) 29.07.09 DL
[lt] kz_faw_cathedral_e 04:31.54 (+00:08.xx) 19.08.08 DL
[lt] kz_forgotten 06:17.xx 11.08.09 DL
[lt] kz_halicarnassus 04:03.xx (+00:11.xx) 26.01.10 DL
[lt] kz_jett_mountain 05:52.xx (+00:27.xx) 23.12.07 DL
[eu] kz_kzfr_caterpillar 12:29.xx 24.12.08 DL
[lt] kz_kzfr_statueofliberty 07:46.xx (+00:36.xx) 26.11.07 DL
[eu] kz_kzsca_pyramid_ez 05:42.xx 31.07.08 DL
[lt] kz_lighthouse 11:27.37 12.04.14 DL
[eu] kz_m3_xmas_b00 01:48.54 (+00:34.xx) 08.05.08 DL
[lt] kz_man_australia 04:23.xx (+00:09.xx) 09.11.07 DL
[lt] kz_man_bhopocean 00:24.xx (+00:01.xx) 01.05.08 DL
[lt] kz_man_bhopsnow 00:32.xx 01.05.08 DL
[lt] kz_nolve 04:08.xx (+00:14.xx) 11.08.07 DL
[lt] kz_peak_b01 03:27.xx (+00:14.xx) 26.11.07 DL
[lt] kz_pit 08:23.xx 05.12.08 DL
[eu] kz_real_skyscraper 04:40.98 (+01:16.xx) 24.09.08 DL
[eu] kz_redbrickworld 03:34.xx (+00:18.xx) 06.04.09 DL
[lt] kz_sola 02:07.xx (+00:25.xx) 08.08.07 DL
[lt] kz_stoneblock_ez 03:33.xx 01.08.07 DL
[eu] kz_tomorrow 07:53.xx 19.03.09 DL
[lt] kz_tpc_possclimb_b01[-snake] 07:47.xx (+00:15.xx) 01.08.07 DL
[lt] kz_underblock_ez 13:58.xx 23.12.07 DL
[lt] kz_undergroundvillage 07:02.xx (+00:28.xx) 26.11.07 DL
[lt] px_pharoah 03:06.xx 15.11.07 DL
[lt] radon_desertpassage 02:09.45 12.04.14 DL
[lt] rd_riverpeak 08:07.xx (+03:15.xx) 05.08.09 DL
[lt] risk_crashed 03:24.xx 28.12.08 DL
[lt] risk_inertia 02:46.xx 16.08.07 DL
[lt] risk_lego_firehouse 02:26.xx 31.07.08 DL
[lt] risk_ministry 03:30.xx 16.08.07 DL
[lt] risk_simpsons 04:18.xx (+00:10.xx) 09.11.07 DL
[lt] risk_treasure_island 03:19.xx 31.07.08 DL
[lt] skitz_bean_valley 01:57.xx 16.08.07 DL
[lt] sn_centerpoint_twr 04:11.xx 31.10.07 DL
[lt] sn_dustown 03:34.xx (+00:36.xx) 10.11.07 DL
[lt] sn_noobbean 03:02.xx 10.11.07 DL
[lt] sn_xmas_tree 02:10.xx (+00:45.xx) 07.10.08 DL
[lt] vee_mojave 03:23.xx 31.10.07 DL
[lt] vee_nintendo 06:28.xx 31.10.07 DL
[eu] vee_phgi_headquarters 03:55.xx (+00:32.xx) 06.04.09 DL
[lt] zr_minimountain 00:51.xx (+00:02.xx) 31.07.08 DL
Guests: 9, members: 0
Total members: 555
Newest member: [tw] FuZz
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[lv] zmokiE
• 28 Oct, 17:15
hi to all unseen for long time )
[de] Dalxins2
• 19 Oct, 23:24
not in my interests to make brand new web.
[lt] zmlandas
• 21 Sep, 22:56
then what is stopping you from making a new baltic kz community ?
[de] Dalxins2
• 21 Sep, 00:08
i can do that all
[lt] zmlandas
• 15 Sep, 12:00
we get only a few demos , so the amount is not really enough for multiple checkers, unless you can provide a new website/platform for kz-baltic im afraid there's nothing you can help with rn
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 Sep, 20:49
So few players playing in they countries, and much less players recording demos.
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 Sep, 20:41
Close this site, and lets go to the kz-rush)
[de] Dalxins2
• 13 Sep, 17:20
#zmlandas i mean i would be able to checckh and release demos if websyte is fixed.i have plenty of time since im working from home now
[ee] c0c0n
• 11 Sep, 21:35
well [censored]
[lt] zmlandas
• 11 Sep, 14:47
well as far as i know the only people that have access to website scripts/plugins is remake and spr1n, so there goes that
KZ-Baltic Kreedz Server #2
Players: 0/18
World record 01:56.17
Baltic record 02:15.1699981689453
Server record 02:20.39