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Map: cobkz_fabric
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cobkz_fabric [DL]
Author: [ro] Cobrex
Shortcuts: 0 known
Server record: xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a
National records
Total records: 10
Latvia: 00:46.67 by [lv] slay3r
Estonia: 00:48.47 by [ee] kristofuz
Lithuania: 00:48.75 by [lt] Patriotas

Records history
Player Time Date Get
[ee] kristofuz 00:48.47 (+00:00.03) 20.12.14 DL
[ee] ropzkah 00:48.50 (+00:02.09) 09.08.14 DL
[ee] kristofuz 00:50.59 29.06.14 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lv] slay3r 00:46.67 (+00:01.86) 26.08.14 DL
[lv] slay3r 00:48.53 (+00:00.13) 24.07.14 DL
[lv] random 00:48.66 05.06.14 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lt] Patriotas 00:48.75 (+00:01.07) 12.04.17 DL
[lt] eMurkt 00:49.82 (+00:03.58) 24.10.14 DL
[lt] s2qq 00:53.40 (+00:04.02) 29.06.14 DL
[lt] zmlandas 00:57.42 14.06.14 DL
Guests: 1, members: 0
Total members: 531
Newest member: [bg] Fiveshot
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[lv] Akward
• 21 Jun, 08:21
What's up with the records?
New release comin' up or nah?
[gb] spr1n
• 20 Jun, 01:24
@Kkassu archive with all old demos is VIP feature available through donation.

@Rassle even if its a joke, that is rather depressing and wrong justification, don't you think?

@BuTaMuH allowed of course
[ee] Kkassu
• 20 Jun, 00:31
why cant i download old demos?
[ee] Kkassu
• 19 Jun, 22:53
dunno, cheated once, learnt my lesson, don't really want to cheat again, i pretty much wanna prove i can do shit on my own
[lv] Rassle
• 18 Jun, 23:58
I got the best undetectable cheat - a custom slowmotion hack made by myself with C++. I mean, i bet the majority are cheating nowadays.
[lt] MEEL
• 18 Jun, 17:21
Its probably some guy with an 'ass ' in his name
[ee] Kkassu
• 15 Jun, 15:36
and u never will find out, who it is
[lt] MEEL
• 15 Jun, 03:59
I heard mcl called someone from this community cheater
[ee] Kkassu
• 15 Jun, 03:56
i heard someone is going for 258 ljblock in baltic community
[lv] BuTaMuH
• 14 Jun, 04:34
@spr1n, is /showkeys allowed in dems ?
KZ-Baltic Kreedz Server #2
Players: 0/0
World record xx:xx.xx
Baltic record xx:xx.xx
Server record xx:xx.xx