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Map: kz_ghat
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kz_ghat [DL]
Author: [lt] Fact or Fiction
Shortcuts: 0 known
Server record: 01:06.09 by [lt] Kicius
National records
Total records: 11
Lithuania: 01:06.23 by [lt] Kicius
Estonia: 01:23.94 by [ee] spr1n
Latvia: 01:27.24 by [lv] scRew
Other routes on this map: kz_ghat[+cave]

Records history
Player Time Date Get
[ee] spr1n 01:23.94 05.01.10 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lv] scRew 01:27.24 (+00:21.xx) 13.01.10 DL
[lv] scRew 01:49.xx 28.12.09 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lt] Kicius 01:06.23 (+00:01.12) 11.08.12 DL RP
[lt] Kicius 01:07.35 (+00:12.18) 30.07.12 DL
[lt] Kicius 01:19.53 (+00:00.90) 04.12.11 DL
[lt] Kicius 01:20.43 (+00:02.xx) 22.09.11 DL
[lt] Balcer 01:23.xx (+00:02.xx) 30.08.11 DL
[lt] Kicius 01:25.xx (+00:20.xx) 16.08.11 DL
[lt] uffo 01:45.xx (+00:14.xx) 26.01.10 DL
[lt] Zaidejas1324 01:59.xx 04.01.10 DL
Guests: 6, members: 0
Total members: 561
Newest member: [lv] NaZzkS
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[ee] SlasHeR
• 30 Apr, 15:29
[ee] LSD
• 18 Apr, 16:19
[lv] laachux
• 25 Jan, 08:52
@Kkassu Hey mate, how are you?
[ee] Kkassu
• 23 Jan, 15:43
[lv] laachux
• 20 Jan, 10:42
Thank you very much, kind sir!
[lt] MEEL
• 20 Jan, 08:07
@laachux -link- or they're also listed on the left on xj website
[lv] laachux
• 19 Jan, 14:39
Where (what servers) nowadays people play on? What do you recommend? Want to jump around a bit
[ee] LSD
• 17 Jan, 05:49
Cheers mate for replying!

Looks like it went through hahaha, have a good one!
[lv] laachux
• 14 Jan, 14:42
@LSD. Demo rules, rule 6 states that no live timers are allowed. I think there was some command to disable it. Can't confirm as I haven't been on LAN server for many years.
[ee] ropzkah
• 16 Dec, 00:10
waiting for 257 update...
KZ-Baltic Kreedz Server #2
Players: 0/18
World record 01:56.17
Baltic record 02:15.17
Server record 02:20.39