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Map: bkz_pyramidblock
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bkz_pyramidblock [DL]
Author: [bg] h1m1
Shortcuts: 0 known
Server record: 04:41.95 by [lt] MEEL
National records
Total records: 14
Lithuania: 04:23.47 by [lt] MEEL
Latvia: 04:36.37 by [lv] famijs
Estonia: 04:54.77 by [ee] Spice

Records history
Player Time Date Get
[ee] Spice 04:54.77 (+00:09.04) 09.04.12 DL
[ee] SlasHeR 05:03.81 (+00:05.39) 26.02.12 DL
[ee] remake 05:09.20 (+00:26.xx) 22.08.09 DL
[ee] ButCheR 05:36.xx (+01:43.xx) 12.04.08 DL
[ee] ButCheR 07:19.xx (+00:09.xx) 07.04.08 DL
[ee] rtg800 07:28.xx 29.03.08 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lv] famijs 04:36.37 (+00:14.63) 04.02.19 DL
[lv] Everix 04:51.00 (+00:42.xx) 22.06.08 DL
[lv] Latvo 05:33.xx 09.06.08 DL
Player Time Date Get
[lt] MEEL 04:23.47 (+00:01.64) 12.04.14 DL
[lt] kSiunkaS 04:25.11 (+00:11.xx) 13.01.11 DL
[lt] MEEL 04:37.xx (+00:02.xx) 10.01.10 DL
[lt] Winkuz 04:39.xx (+00:20.xx) 30.07.09 DL
[lt] n1 04:59.xx 27.07.07 DL
Guests: 8, members: 0
Total members: 555
Newest member: [tw] FuZz
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[lv] zmokiE
• 28 Oct, 17:15
hi to all unseen for long time )
[de] Dalxins2
• 19 Oct, 23:24
not in my interests to make brand new web.
[lt] zmlandas
• 21 Sep, 22:56
then what is stopping you from making a new baltic kz community ?
[de] Dalxins2
• 21 Sep, 00:08
i can do that all
[lt] zmlandas
• 15 Sep, 12:00
we get only a few demos , so the amount is not really enough for multiple checkers, unless you can provide a new website/platform for kz-baltic im afraid there's nothing you can help with rn
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 Sep, 20:49
So few players playing in they countries, and much less players recording demos.
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 Sep, 20:41
Close this site, and lets go to the kz-rush)
[de] Dalxins2
• 13 Sep, 17:20
#zmlandas i mean i would be able to checckh and release demos if websyte is fixed.i have plenty of time since im working from home now
[ee] c0c0n
• 11 Sep, 21:35
well [censored]
[lt] zmlandas
• 11 Sep, 14:47
well as far as i know the only people that have access to website scripts/plugins is remake and spr1n, so there goes that
KZ-Baltic Kreedz Server #2
Players: 0/18
World record 01:56.17
Baltic record 02:15.1699981689453
Server record 02:20.39