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5 new maps.1
Posted by [ee] everest on Friday 17 February 2012 - 12:47:39 Comments: 2
As you did see in XJ, there was a map release a sometime ago .

kzsca_valley by hm^

Preview : -link-
Quiet a few people voted for this custom map made by hm^. The map is based on a nice looking valley. You start at the bottom of a canyon and while you make your way to the top, you will discover lots of possible combos in the map. It is almost possible to jumpsthe whole map in one breath! The atmosphere of the map is really nice and gives the player the feeling that he is actually climbing up a real valley. The jumps are enjoyable, too, and if you like small speed maps, this might be your map! But be careful and don't fall down, or you will have to start all over again!

8b1_hellinashop by 8ball1

Preview : -link-
Another oldschool map by 8ball1, which many of you guys voted for. Words are superfluous here, since most of you guys might already know the map. Sit back and enjoy this awesome custom map.

daza_militarybase by daza

Preview : -link-
This map will take you into an old and forgotten military base. The map is really nice and fun to play, it has some quite tricky jumps here and there.
You start outside of the base searching for a way inside. After getting inside, you have to search your way to the top. When you find the way to the roof, you keep going further into the base and search for the way down. You have to go deep inside the base, before you finally reach the end timer. There are a lot of different places and settings in the map, so you won't get bored at all. If you like small and speed maps with fun jumps, you are going to like this map!

kz_kzsca_escape by hm^
Preview : -link-
A real masterpiece by hm^. This map has a really nice environment and the architecture is just superb, everything in the map fits. The theme hm^ has choosen for this map, is a nice egypt tomb located somewhere underground. While you jump trough the map, you will discover secret paths and some very nice jumps, but be careful and don't get lost!

kz_kzsca_egyptmemories by hm^
Preview : -link-
hm^ is on a mapping spree! His hard work finally paid off, and we are proud to present his third map in this release. The third map by hm^ is another map with an Egyptian theme and with an awesome atmosphere. You start into an old Egyptian tunnel in the other side of the tomb. While trying to get to the other side, you will face a lot of new and creative jumps all over the map. Of course, we can't miss to say something about the architecture, because it is very impressive. While exploring the map you will see lots of different places and themes. The final room is just an awesome and well deserved finish. Playing this map has been a real adventure!

But enough with the talk! Start CS and enjoy the maps!
I also added the maps to KZ-Baltic map list Have fun!

Latvian Longjumpers!2
Posted by [lt] Torex on Thursday 02 February 2012 - 00:32:08 Comments: 14
Hey Kreedz enthusiasts! (if you're reading this at night as i'm posting it, you definetely are one)

KZ-Baltic wants to present you a new movie with alot of [lv] Latvian Longjumpers
Maker of this video is [lv] random


53 new records1
Posted by [gb] spr1n on Sunday 22 January 2012 - 14:58:46 Comments: 21

[ee] AnDroMeDa

bkz_aztecblock done in 08:37.67 (09:04.04 by [ee] spr1n)

[ee] GreeNwOw~

cg_lighthops done in 02:26.49 (02:30.37 by [ee] appeAr^)
j2s_4floors done in 02:24.08 (02:27.96 by [ee] Spice)

[ee] Spice

kzsca_watertemple done in 02:44.37 (02:50.30 by [ee] c0r0na)

[ee] botik

kz_kzhu_jail done in 02:52.03 (03:14.05 by [ee] Spice)
risk_snowcastle done in 04:21.32 (05:10.17 by [ee] botik)


]clintmo_longjumper[e] done in 01:08.90 (01:09.18 by [lv] LAKIKS)

[lv] slay3r

cg_wildwesthop done in 02:56.82 (02:59.33 by [lv] slay3r)
kzru_pharaonrun done in 02:14.71 (02:34.58 by [lv] famijs)
kzsca_bagdad done in 01:48.42 (01:49.06 by [lv] famijs)
kzsca_suburbia done in 05:29.24 (05:36.18 by [lv] famijs)
kzsca_watertemple done in 02:37.06 (02:44.28 by [lv] slay3r)
kz_j2s_summercliff_ez done in 02:15.31 (02:19.22 by [lv] slay3r)
kz_kzsca_sewerbhop done in 04:57.71 (05:05.41 by [lv] famijs) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] Balcer

dr0_cliffside done in 01:58.10 (02:01.29 by [lt] Balcer) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzhu_jail done in 02:09.58 (02:14.72 by [lt] Gnomas) + BALTIC RECORD
nfs_longjumpez done in 00:26.54 (00:26.73 by [lt] Balcer)
risk_treasure_island done in 02:38.68 (02:47.38 by [lt] Balcer) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] Groove

kz_a2_godspeed done in 06:44.25 (06:57.42 by [lt] rE-) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_cg_wigbl0ck done in 03:20.52 (03:39.59 by [lt] Groove)
kz_cosy_temple3 done in 05:59.15 (06:40.24 by [lt] GodXen) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_man_eztemple done in 06:13.68 (06:20.10 by [lt] MEEL)
kz_sideways done in 13:16.51 (14:18.01 by [lt] Leninas) + BALTIC RECORD
risk_factory done in 03:54.25 (04:04.87 by [lt] Groove) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] MEEL

cosy_temple done in 10:41.60 (14:05.34 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kzsca_bunratty done in 05:56.12 (06:28.20 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_4caves done in 06:01.28 (06:51.56 by [lt] PozZ aS)
kz_c2l_icebean done in 05:46.59 (06:57.61 by [lt] PozZ aS)
kz_canyon done in 08:51.78 (09:28.87 by [lt] PozZ aS)
]kz_climbersxp_b03[hard] done in 11:59.47 (18:21.75 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzarg_undergroundjourney done in 03:09.19 (05:52.25 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_memphisblock done in 06:00.28 (07:08.99 by [lt] vadzik) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_persia done in 04:07.89 (04:45.34 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_real_adventure_b01 done in 11:51.59 (13:14.98 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_real_caverns done in 07:05.24 (08:24.90 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
]kz_tpc_possclimb_b01[+snake] done in 08:23.61 (11:13.25 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_wsp_arpino done in 06:57.74 (07:45.84 by [lt] PozZ aS)
kz_xj_climbtrip done in 08:11.18 (09:31.07 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
lico_valley done in 09:55.51 (10:23.29 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD
rd_jump_house done in 05:33.38 (06:06.90 by [lt] PozZ aS) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] Marshall

kz_kzlt_femtobhop done in 01:44.78 (01:49.08 by [lt] DucK) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] PozZ aS

kz_costco done in 05:25.07 (06:01.46 by [lt] Leninas) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_man_climbers done in 10:37.59 (12:48.41 by [lt] eeK) + BALTIC RECORD

[lt] kSiunkaS

bk_icerock done in 02:18.82 (02:21.74 by [lt] Gnomas) + BALTIC RECORD
kzarg_bhopcircuit done in 01:00.05 (01:03.86 by [lt] kSiunkaS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_deathvalley done in 02:09.10 (02:21.12 by [lt] kSiunkaS) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_goldwood done in 03:00.43 (03:18.85 by [lt] Gnomas) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzdk_templebhop done in 05:41.61 (05:58.28 by [lt] etern1ty) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_luonto done in 03:44.43 (03:48.08 by [lt] He B TeMy) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_megabhop done in 01:44.13 (01:46.97 by [lt] DucK) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_megabhop_hard done in 01:43.48 (01:47.20 by [lt] Gnomas) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_rambo_xen done in 00:40.53 (00:41.32 by [lt] etern1ty) + BALTIC RECORD
kz_undergroundvillage done in 03:12.77 (04:09.02 by [lt] etern1ty) + BALTIC RECORD

PS. as you can see there are no lj demos in this release. Considering that there been a long time since last release, and that the longjumps demos were one of the main delay causes - we decided to release just map demos and make lj release a bit later.

Apologize for this delay. Keep recording climbers!

Read more..

KZ-Baltic ROTM #2 - swr on kz_nix1
Posted by [lt] Torex on Saturday 07 January 2012 - 22:35:20 Comments: 11
Hey Baltic's climbers!

We are happy to present you new clip about best run of December 2011!
It's [lt] swr on kz_nix !
Maker of this fascinating clip is [lt] Balcer


See it on YouTube

Sinz - Past years1
Posted by [gb] spr1n on Wednesday 04 January 2012 - 17:56:29 Comments: 7
This time [lt] Marshall takes us on a journey of trickjumps performed by [ro] Sinz . Sit back and enjoy.

See it on YouTube HD

Holidays Special AXN Event Results1
Posted by [gb] spr1n on Saturday 31 December 2011 - 17:57:46 Comments: 12
and here are the 1st KZ-Baltic Holiday AXN Event Results

1. [ee] spr1n (20.43)
2. [lt] Trolis (23.81)
3. [ee] botik (24.95)
4. [lt] Balcer (28.87)

09.24 - [lt] Trolis
09.78 - [ee] spr1n
13.08 - [ee] botik
14.45 - [lt] Balcer

10.65 - [ee] spr1n
11.87 - [ee] botik
14.42 - [lt] Balcer
14.57 - [lt] Trolis


Participants may contact me for a small rewards.
You all get a little advantage in the next event as well.
Thanks for taking part in this challenge!

PS. As you can see it turned out not so popular challenge at all, so I decided to keep my own demos in the list. Also I had some plans about prizes, but activity disappointed me very much (many people personally even assured me that they are gonna participate, but eventually haven't submitted anything), so as a sponsor I decided to keep prizes for the next event. Your loss guys.

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[lv] slay3r
• 25 May, 18:02
[ru] laachux
• 17 May, 21:23
we'll take a look into that. i know there's a problem with auto updates
[lv] Dalxins2
• 17 May, 18:45
Will maplist be updated at some point,to match xj maplist?
[ee] c0c0n
• 17 May, 18:39
and the previous map releases on xj?
[ee] c0c0n
• 17 May, 18:38
will you guys add fu_devhops , kzblt_dx_blueshadow2, kzblt_dx_mercy, qcg_hb_tuf, qcg_hb_domino, kzbg_ytt_pyramid to the maplist?
[ee] SlasHeR
• 13 May, 11:47
go laachux!
[ru] laachux
• 12 May, 16:03
go Kicius!
[ar] rawe
• 12 May, 05:49
[lt] Kicius
• 12 May, 05:35
What's going on there? Im thinking about coming back to scene for a while Miss you all <3
[lt] MEEL
• 08 May, 23:37
Hello glad you're still stopping by
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