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Vote for KZMod on Steam greenlight!4
Posted by [eu] spr1n on Thursday 09 March 2017 - 21:34:26 Comments: 0
Hello my friends!

Today I would like ask you for a little bit of your time and point your attention towards KZMod.
Some of you very well may be familiar with this already, but read through if you haven't voted yet.

Its was a long road of its development and finally it is submitted to official Steam store via Greenlight. KZMod will remain 100% free of course. If you like this game, or just appreciate the work developers and our fellow KZ enthusiast has done - please vote for KZMod on the Greenlight Steam page. Even if you don't play KZMod yourself - your vote will matter and will get the game its place on Steam permanently.

UPDATE: (16 March 2017) KZMod (Kreedz Climbing) got greenlit and will be available on Steam soon. Thank you everyone who voted and supports this project!

Click on the banner and press "Yes" on the next page.


54 new records10
Posted by [lt] zmlandas on Friday 03 March 2017 - 16:28:20 Comments: 4

[ee] AvasT

bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:19.03 (00:19.07 by [ee] kristofuz)
cg_damaged_city done in 05:11.61 (05:58.75 by [ee] spr1n) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_pentablock done in 04:25.89 (04:51.97 by [ee] spr1n) - BALTIC RECORD
dg_insane done in 08:26.59 (10:28.50 by [ee] spr1n)
kz_ins_industryrun done in 03:06.96 (03:34.21 by [ee] c0c0n)
kz_junglezone done in 04:27.67 (04:52.05 by [ee] spr1n) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_real_adventure_b01 done in 11:22.14 (12:19.01 by [ee] spr1n) - BALTIC RECORD
risk_lego_firehouse done in 02:00.53 (02:20.36 by [ee] Spice)
sld_bside_nightblock done in 02:02.09 (02:14.25 by [ee] Avenger)
zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:32.28 (01:45.15 by [ee] spr1n) - BALTIC RECORD

[lt] MEEL

8b1_brickngrass done in 04:12.55 (04:23.42 by [lt] chela) - BALTIC RECORD
azl_lcyo done in 00:29.95 (00:30.79 by [lt] kSiunkaS)
bhop_dustzone done in 03:59.15 (04:13.28 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:18.47 (00:18.63 by [lt] Kiskis)
bkm_tbt_LondonStation[full] done in 02:33.86 (03:08.88 by [lt] Kiskis)
bkz_forestrace done in 02:27.66 (02:32.00 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
ccn_scourge done in 04:18.30 (06:42.56 by [lt] etern1ty) - BALTIC RECORD
cg_industry[full] done in 05:56.95 (08:49.57 by [lt] Kiskis) - BALTIC RECORD
cosy_egyptian done in 02:01.42 (02:04.20 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
deathrun_roadoffear_rc done in 01:10.08 (01:28.56 by [lt] Kiskis)
deathrun_unreal_tuscan done in 02:04.75 (02:27.86 by [lt] Kiskis)
fof_dale done in 00:36.87 (00:37.44 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
hnslt_cliffmania done in 02:19.58 (02:29.12 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
hnslt_rockmania done in 02:41.15 (02:57.62 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kz-endo_bikinihop done in 03:23.35 (03:26.08 by [lt] Kiskis)
kzlt_blockmania done in 02:29.48 (02:33.30 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlt_blockmania2 done in 02:17.39 (02:23.69 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlt_easter done in 02:21.68 (02:22.19 by [lt] Kiskis)
kzlt_imhotepia done in 04:34.97 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlt_volcanoclimb done in 02:06.65 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlv_doku done in 01:37.54 (01:57.32 by [lt] Kiskis) - BALTIC RECORD
kznl_delta done in 05:43.96 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
ph_tuscanhop done in 00:47.42 (00:49.20 by [lt] kSiunkaS)
tx_majestic done in 01:26.49 (01:59.77 by [lt] Kiskis) - BALTIC RECORD
tx_twiscape done in 01:10.60 (01:26.99 by [lt] Kiskis)

[lt] PuKiS

cg_coldbhop done in 00:26.83 (00:27.24 by [lt] Balcer) - BALTIC RECORD
cg_d2block_ez[full] done in 07:07.19 (07:38.06 by [lt] PuKiS) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_longjumper[+256] done in 00:08.26 (00:09.48 by [lt] eMurkt) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_longjumper[h] done in 00:31.03 (00:31.16 by [lt] Balcer) - BALTIC RECORD
dyd_axn_plant done in 01:37.44 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
fu_replayhop done in 07:12.32 (10:56.07 by [lt] PuKiS) - BALTIC RECORD
hnslt_ice_block done in 03:50.53 (04:53.11 by [lt] eMurkt) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlv_axn_wood done in 00:44.23 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlv_vaz_ujo_remake done in 02:49.93 (03:48.61 by [lt] eMurkt) - BALTIC RECORD
kzro_mountainsein done in 08:33.09 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_ins_bhoptown done in 03:26.07 (03:46.02 by [lt] zmlandas) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzfr_bhopspace[-boost] done in 00:28.80 (00:29.65 by [lt] Kiskis) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzlt_dementia[-tranquillity] done in 03:13.02 (03:13.24 by [lt] Fact or Fiction) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 09:45.82 (11:31.46 by [lt] Kiskis) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_stb_mystic done in 05:53.78 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
lkks_4rooms done in 05:50.53 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
p3_speed done in 03:38.48 (03:43.29 by [lt] eMurkt) - BALTIC RECORD
prochallenge2_longjump done in 02:49.96 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
tx_catacombs done in 11:00.29 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected

Read more..

7 new records6
Posted by [lt] zmlandas on Sunday 01 January 2017 - 21:50:24 Comments: 4

[ee] AvasT

cg_islands done in 01:04.85 (01:08.15 by [ee] eThZ)
clintmo_dday done in 02:37.09 (02:45.15 by [ee] AvasT) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_cg_coldblock done in 05:17.37 (05:50.17 by [ee] remake)
kz_man_alienbase done in 00:12.34 (00:12.62 by [ee] RAPZ) - BALTIC RECORD
stf_creepytemple done in 02:08.93 (02:11.69 by [ee] Spice)

[lt] PuKiS

kzlt_smalltemplehop done in 03:28.83 (05:30.80 by [lt] PuKiS) - BALTIC RECORD
kzlt_smalltemplehop_v2 done in 04:18.53 (09:47.24 by [lt] PuKiS) - BALTIC RECORD

21 new records9
Posted by [lt] zmlandas on Saturday 27 August 2016 - 01:08:53 Comments: 5

[ee] AvasT

tx_majestic done in 01:29.58 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)
tx_twiscape done in 01:09.13 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)

[ee] kristofuz

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:36.44 (01:38.26 by [ee] kristofuz)
bkz_volcanobhop done in 01:44.80 (01:45.52 by [ee] kristofuz)
cg_hitnrun done in 02:21.50 (02:22.94 by [ee] Kkassu ,)
clintmo_longjumper[x] done in 00:05.76 (00:05.81 by [ee] kristofuz) - BALTIC RECORD
prochallenge_longjump done in 01:49.42 (02:00.17 by [ee] kristofuz) - BALTIC RECORD

[lv] slay3r

8b1_hellinashop done in 02:21.19 (02:34.75 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
cg_brick done in 02:50.69 (02:58.50 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
kzpl_desert_wellspring done in 01:39.13 (01:49.26 by [lv] zmokiE) - BALTIC RECORD
kzsca_brickvalley done in 02:11.45 (02:13.04 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzarg_catacombsbhop done in 02:47.19 (02:50.94 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_sola done in 01:27.81 (01:30.70 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_tomorrow done in 06:43.74 (07:42.65 by [lv] random) - BALTIC RECORD

[lv] vodkamouth

j2s_4floors done in 02:17.82 (02:18.44 by [lv] LoGic)
kzru_sun5hine done in 01:32.18 (01:33.45 by [lv] LoGic)

[lv] zmokiE

hnslt_cliffmania done in 02:23.45 (02:43.41 by [lv] nucles) - BALTIC RECORD
tx_catacombs done in 11:48.73 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
tx_majestic done in 01:27.07 (01:32.91 by [lv] random) - BALTIC RECORD
tx_twiscape done in 01:08.69 (01:10.02 by [lv] random) - BALTIC RECORD

[lt] eMurkt

clintmo_longjumper[+256] done in 00:09.48 (00:09.53 by [lt] Kiskis)

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected

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40 new records (1 world record)10
Posted by [eu] spr1n on Sunday 03 April 2016 - 17:55:29 Comments: 7
Hello Baltic climbers!

First of all we apologize for the delay and for the fact we had to take down the news a week ago. Unfortunate truth is we have a lot more cheating activity lately and that causes huge amount of time waste for us and results in demo releases to happen slower.

Dear cheaters, please stop making multiaccounts and quit sending us cheated demos, its just a game, find something better to do with your life. People are here to just enjoy themselves and have fun.

Note that we are busy people and can miss some hidden things while checking demos from time to time, so if you have any specific suspicions - please let us know by contacting admins directly. We already have some demos that we intend to check more thoroughly, but it takes time.

Thanks for your attention and enjoy the release!

[ee] ropzkah

kz_bkz_egyptbhop done in 00:13.40 (04:23.67 by [ee] Kkassu ,) - ex WORLD RECORD

[lv] additional

kzse_bhopblock done in 00:15.81 (00:20.65 by [lv] additional) - BALTIC RECORD
bkm_tbt_LondonStation[full] done in 02:22.13 (02:27.62 by [lv] additional) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_bhopriver done in 00:22.27 (00:23.22 by [lv] additional)
kz_fairy_island[+secret] done in 00:13.40 (00:13.86 by [lv] famijs)

+ 265 multicountjump (previously: n/a units)

[lv] nucles

hnslt_cliffmania done in 02:43.41 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)
kzlt_morningclimb done in 01:14.97 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzro_raincliff done in 05:07.61 (05:30.58 by [lv] zmokiE)
kz_ins_ancientgardens done in 08:38.13 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)
kz_man_castle done in 08:02.24 (08:30.27 by [lv] nucles)

[lv] vodkamouth

daza_militarybase done in 03:21.24 (03:26.11 by [lv] random)

[lv] zmokiE

fu_darkhop done in 03:12.56 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_district done in 02:52.74 (03:13.55 by [lv] random)
ccn_scourge done in 06:23.63 (09:30.97 by [lv] Dal^x) - BALTIC RECORD
cg_d2block_ez[full] done in 07:24.66 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
cg_industry done in 06:03.76 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)
clintmo_longjumper[+256] done in 00:08.36 (00:08.79 by [lv] random) - BALTIC RECORD
cosy_dusttown done in 07:29.45 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
dark_ages done in 12:23.18 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
fu_replayhop done in 07:57.04 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz-endo_carrington done in 02:49.84 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz-endo_loko done in 02:25.86 (02:51.54 by [lv] Dal^x)
kzpl_desert_wellspring done in 01:49.26 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_andy done in 05:54.78 (06:30.00 by [lv] T3DY) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_bkz_shipka done in 05:23.21 (05:59.83 by [lv] Dal^x) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_cg_rats done in 03:14.20 (03:56.56 by [lv] thexdvl) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kz-endo_portal done in 01:57.31 (02:11.92 by [lv] Dal^x) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzfr_vache_and_cow done in 06:30.79 (07:21.57 by [lv] LoGic) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzsca_ancestry done in 04:26.43 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzse_dustbhop_h done in 02:28.55 (02:52.09 by [lv] Dal^x) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_nbs_greatwall done in 03:21.29 (04:15.46 by [lv] Dal^x) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_stb_sewage done in 02:16.52 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD

[lt] PuKiS

fu_replayhop done in 10:56.07 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)
j2s_4floors done in 02:13.68 (02:15.17 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kz-endo_toonbhopz done in 02:39.79 (02:55.80 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_aggressive done in 14:41.24 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:26.25 (02:52.95 by [lt] Kiskis)

[lt] zmlandas

kzpl_desert_wellspring done in 01:51.55 (02:16.30 by [lt] Kiskis)
kz_ins_bhoptown done in 03:46.02 (04:20.45 by [lt] Kiskis)

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected

Read more..

New Baltic LJ record & LJ release (9 new demos)12
Posted by [eu] spr1n on Saturday 12 March 2016 - 01:29:29 Comments: 9
Hello Baltic climbers!

We are happy to announce that we have a new Baltic longjump record. Estonian oldschool jumper [ee] mrk pulled off incredible comeback with 256 jump beating previous record holder [lv] Rassle by 0.123 units. Video clip generously edited by our community member [lv] zmokiE. We also include the whole lj release down below for your entertainment. Enjoy!

Distance: 256.809
Prestrafe: 275.829
MaxSpeed: 338.217 (62.388)
Strafes: 8

See it on YouTube

[ee] c0c0n

260 countjump (previously: n/a units)

[ee] mrk

256 longjump (previously: 255 units)
243 highjump (previously: 240 units)

[lv] additional

251 longjump (previously: n/a units)
246 bunnyjump (previously: n/a units)

[lv] Dal^x

252 longjump (previously: 251 units)
240 highjump (previously: 239 units)
265 multicountjump (previously: 262 units)

[lv] nucles

253 longjump (previously: 252 units)

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected

Read more..

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[lv] laachux
• 23 Mar, 18:36
omg I forgot to thank you guys the last time I saw it. THANKS!!
[lt] MEEL
• 10 Mar, 13:34
Happy birthday mate!
[eu] spr1n
• 10 Mar, 11:57
Happy birthday our dearest laachux !!!
[lv] Rassle
• 07 Mar, 18:47
Approaching 1 year since I submitted a new 256 block demo
[lt] zmlandas
• 04 Mar, 23:53
no , as long as all submited records are with the same steamid
[eu] Kkassu
• 04 Mar, 20:48
i could do some demos, also i have now new steamacc id nshit, is it bannable?
[lv] zmokiE
• 26 Feb, 00:08
and im out of motivation like for 2 years dont playing kz cause 0 motivation nothing gets back me to it. but u have to chane something in life when u grow up from it.
[lv] zmokiE
• 26 Feb, 00:06
the kz baltic not that importen then its was like 3-5 years ago soo i dont care about it anymore couse its dead.
[lt] zmlandas
• 25 Feb, 22:19
-link- you know i have responsibilities outside kz-baltic too right ? The release will be done after i re-check demos that i need to recheck and confirm that they are clean
[lt] PuKiS
• 24 Feb, 22:03
zmlandas. u said need active players. check Map demos uploaded: 41/85, longjump demos uploaded: 6/35. here no more active demo chechers not player problem. admins needed
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