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Release demos on Youtube4
Posted by [lv] laachux on Thursday 31 May 2018 - 16:30:31 Comments: 6
Good evening jumpers!

Today we bring you something new for this community. In cooperation with [ee] c0c0n we have managed to turn demos of the last release in a more accessible and convenient format. Now they are all visible on Youtube. If everything goes as planned, going forward all released demos should go to our Youtube page. We really hope you will enjoy the videos rather than downloading demo files. I want to say a big thank you to c0c0n for taking this challenge and let's cross our fingers that he does not run out of passion to do this. As this is our first attempt, any feedback is welcome. To see the videos click on the image. Please enjoy!

[lv] laachux on 31 May, 16:33
Comments: 87
Registered: 26 Sep, 16:40
Thank you c0c0n! Really, please leave a feedback or criticism. Anything that helps us improve will help!

P.S. I know that bhopblock is low quality. Don't know about that one. Apologies.

[ee] c0c0n on 31 May, 16:43
Comments: 15
Registered: 27 Apr, 22:12

[ee] c0c0n on 31 May, 16:43
Comments: 15
Registered: 27 Apr, 22:12
No problem fam

[ee] SlasHeR on 31 May, 17:40
Comments: 87
Registered: 23 Sep, 18:02
Great work!

[ee] Kristofuz on 31 May, 18:46
Comments: 35
Registered: 17 Mar, 13:43

[lv] Vodkamouth on 04 Jun, 17:04
Comments: 27
Registered: 05 Feb, 05:22

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• 19 Aug, 21:14
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• 05 Jul, 01:46
gm /
[ee] Bu7ler
• 03 Jul, 13:52
[ee] GameChaos
• 25 May, 18:01
[ee] c0c0n
• 21 May, 19:50
someone save us :*(
[lt] zmlandas
• 21 May, 14:51
cant do anything without the website fixed
[ee] c0c0n
• 21 May, 13:35
PepeHands someone save kz-baltic i want it back
[ee] c0c0n
• 19 May, 18:16
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