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Posted by [lv] laachux on Sunday 13 May 2018 - 14:39:33 Comments: 8
Hello players!
Another release, more great demos for you to see. This time there's even one World record. Congratulations [lt] MEEL on this accomplishment! Hopefully someone will get inspired to do the same.
Unfortunately this month also brings one not so pleasant occurence, therefore we have to remind you that all demos must be recorded from your own legitimate steam clients and we don't take creation of alternative accounts lightly. We still check demos and will punish violations. It is simple national community, so please don't waste your time recording and submitting illegal/cheated demos! That being said, enjoy the good stuff!

[lv] laachux

qsk_qube done in 08:01.68 (11:51.49 by [lv] laachux) - BALTIC RECORD

[lt] MEEL

azl_lcyo done in 00:27.92 (00:42.26 by [lt] eMurkt) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_bhopriver done in 00:21.16 (00:21.99 by [lt] Gnomas) - BALTIC RECORD
clintmo_longjumper[e] done in 01:03.26 (01:37.00 by [lt] NumB) - BALTIC RECORD
drewbie_longjumps done in 00:27.43 (03:16.00 by [lt] m0tor) - BALTIC RECORD
fof_chillbhop done in 01:08.30 (01:15.81 by [lt] etern1ty)
fu_darkhop done in 03:10.80 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
ins_axn_tooncastle done in 01:16.68 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzpl_christmasmission[-md] done in 02:01.73 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kzse_bhopblock[full] done in 02:30.89 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_dalai_rats done in 01:12.66 (02:16.00 by [lt] Gtz) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_ea_desert done in 02:03.51 (02:14.01 by [lt] Gnomas) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_stb_sewage done in 02:02.36 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - WORLD RECORD
kz_wild done in 02:31.17 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_wsp_valleyclimb done in 01:22.71 (01:26.84 by [lt] kSiunkaS) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_xj_mountez done in 01:18.46 (02:15.00 by [lt] NumB) - BALTIC RECORD
prochallenge_longjump done in 01:57.48 (02:38.00 by [lt] Gnomas)

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected
Dear laizy! We did not check your demos for cheats because they do not qualify for acceptance in the first place. And please use your main account instead next time. All your actions imply that you may wanted to test your cheats under the new system, so we will keep an eye on you from now on. Don't take one month cool down personally please, and use this time to sort your things out.
bkz_abstract_laizy_0202.15.zip - illegal demo
cosy_egyptian_laizy_0210.84.zip - illegal demo
fof_xmas2009_laizy_0057.85.zip - illegal demo
fu_replayhop_laizy_0708.52.zip - illegal demo
ins_air_laizy_0125.69.zip - illegal demo
j2s_4tunnels_laizy_0427.17.zip - illegal demo
kzlt_tinycliff_laizy_0238.05.zip - illegal demo
kztd_endo_pipeline_laizy_0301.44.zip - illegal demo
kz_kzsca_bhopindustry_laizy_0233.91.zip - illegal demo
kz_MiniMountain_laizy_0136.09.zip - illegal demo
kz_nobkz_factoryrun_laizy_0505.97.zip - illegal demo
ph_tuscanhop_laizy_0050.18.zip - illegal demo
prochallenge2_speed_laizy_0324.61.zip - illegal demo
speed_ytt_castle_laizy_0137.27.zip - illegal demo
uq_suncliff_laizy_0203.70.zip - illegal demo
viz_ferreira_laizy_0203.95.zip - illegal demo
xpaw_bhop_b1_laizy_0025.19.zip - illegal demo
qsk_qube_laachux_1003.25.zip - Demo improved
qsk_qube_laachux_1134.09.zip - Demo improved
kz_stb_sewage_MEEL_0208.41.zip - Demo improved

[ee] SlasHeR on 13 May, 16:46
Comments: 87
Registered: 23 Sep, 18:02
GJ laizy

[ee] c0c0n on 13 May, 16:47
Comments: 15
Registered: 27 Apr, 22:12
MEEL POGGERS, welcome back laachux ;P


[lt] MEEL on 13 May, 16:51
Comments: 50
Registered: 01 Oct, 06:24
Nice job, laachux

[ee] c0c0n on 13 May, 16:51
Comments: 15
Registered: 27 Apr, 22:12
hahahah hästi laizy

[ee] c0c0n on 13 May, 16:57
Comments: 15
Registered: 27 Apr, 22:12
laizy = nopE

[ar] rawe on 13 May, 20:09
Comments: 8
Registered: 26 Nov, 02:26
Good job MEEL! Keep those WRs coming. And good job laachux for that demo on qsk_qube!

[lv] laachux on 13 May, 22:18
Comments: 87
Registered: 26 Sep, 16:40
thank you and good job meel! let's get this community back alive!


[lv] Vodkamouth on 23 May, 19:37
Comments: 27
Registered: 05 Feb, 05:22
gj laachux & meel, nice to see some activity around here.

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[ee] c0c0n
• 04 Apr, 17:40
true PepeHands
[ee] Kkassu
• 04 Apr, 13:38
estonian kzscene is anyway dead, few of us playing kekw
[ee] c0c0n
• 04 Mar, 14:11
-link- look at the dates
[ee] Kristofuz
• 23 Feb, 18:25
what hidden rls
[ee] SlasHeR
• 17 Feb, 18:19
GJ All!
[ee] c0c0n
• 17 Feb, 01:08
PogU hidden release! gj!
[lt] MEEL
• 21 Jan, 22:18
[lt] zmlandas
• 13 Jan, 14:24
yearly hello
[ee] c0c0n
• 09 Jan, 00:32
Hello minna san
[lv] zmokiE
• 28 Oct, 17:15
hi to all unseen for long time )
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