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Cheaters and 5 new records13
Posted by [gb] spr1n on Sunday 23 June 2013 - 12:36:44 Comments: 11
Good day jumpers!
It came to my attention we had a lot more cheating violations past year. Our community suppose to bring fun and enjoyment to you. So I have something to say about it.

Dear Cheaters!
By cheating you refuse to have that fun and rather try to prove something pointless or just claim yourself. You are not doing anything special. YOU ARE NOT SOMETHING SPECIAL and YOU ARE NOT PROVING ANYTHING! All your excuses are made up to justify yourself and your ego. If you think its cool to do something others cant just by using cheats - you clearly missing how trivial it is and how pointless your gameplay experience becomes. It is just yours and ours time waste, nothing more you would imagine.

Dear Climbers!
Demochecking is hard and time consuming work using different tools. Even we are limited in our resources at some level, we are still able to perform detailed and deep checks. Admins work hard, but in era where cheats become more and more complicated its possible to miss something occasionally. DON'T HESITATE TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS DEMOS, provide detailed description if possible and we will (re)check requested demo closely. In case you have some new yber cheat and you actually care about kreedz and our community - don't submit the cheated demo to us. Instead you can just contact our admin and pass him your cheat and an example demo. It would be the only right thing to do and there is a good chance you are actually helping our community.

Think about who you are! Even if its just internet community it doesn't mean you can throw your personality away. Bottom line - nobody profits from it.

[ee] Kkassu ,

kzcn_45 done in 03:14.87 (xx:xx.xx by [zz] n/a)

[lv] slay3r

kz_cruiser done in 04:55.88 (05:46.73 by [lv] laachux) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_ea_waterfall done in 03:56.20 (04:34.27 by [lv] slay3r) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_man_eztemple done in 06:02.69 (06:19.34 by [lv] famijs) - BALTIC RECORD
kz_xj_3ways[med] done in 05:55.56 (06:37.39 by [lv] famijs) - BALTIC RECORD

See the extended newspost for demos that were rejected
bkm_tbt_LondonStation_Chupa^_0021.93.rar - Average FPS is too low
bkz_goldbhop_BuTaMuH_0131.26.rar - User banned for cheating
bkz_volcanobhop_BuTaMuH_0140.53.rar - User banned for cheating
bkm_tbt_londonstation_zmlandas_0018.64.rar - FPS is higher than 100.0 . Try to fix it or contact someone for assistance.

[lv] random on 23 Jun, 13:31
Comments: 103
Registered: 25 Sep, 12:20
gj spr1n, slay3r

[lv] random on 23 Jun, 13:32
Comments: 103
Registered: 25 Sep, 12:20
and [ee]kkassu

[in] znxftw on 23 Jun, 15:41
Comments: 11
Registered: 14 Jan, 09:09

[ee] SlasHeR on 23 Jun, 17:44
Comments: 93
Registered: 23 Sep, 18:02
fuuu BuTaMuH

[ee] Kkassu on 24 Jun, 09:46
Comments: 37
Registered: 30 Jan, 18:44
Wait what buta?

[ee] Bu7ler on 24 Jun, 20:21
Comments: 34
Registered: 09 Nov, 12:44
Slay3r is on a strike, impressive demos dude. Also gj kassu nuub.

[lv] laachux on 25 Jun, 09:00
Comments: 88
Registered: 26 Sep, 16:40
Butamuh nub.
Everyone else GJ for keeping this community alive.

[de] novijas on 25 Jun, 17:19
Comments: 3
Registered: 26 Mar, 17:15
have to agree with laachux..

he was good slide maps player, good reputation, but he ruined it all with cheats, sad, very SAD..


[pl] slay3r on 25 Jun, 20:37
Comments: 74
Registered: 25 Sep, 15:37
good slider, it's just sad that he's a retard

[ee] botik on 26 Jun, 06:05
Comments: 83
Registered: 25 Sep, 15:39
Miks Taevake^ välja jäeti

[ee] Kkassu on 26 Jun, 09:36
Comments: 37
Registered: 30 Jan, 18:44
taevake quitis

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[pl] slay3r
• 09 Oct, 17:16
[ee] Kkassu
• 17 Sep, 05:58
hoiiiiiiibljaaaaaaa HAIPEHAIP
[ee] Spice
• 02 Sep, 18:59
[ee] SlasHeR
• 30 Apr, 15:29
[ee] LSD
• 18 Apr, 16:19
[lv] laachux
• 25 Jan, 08:52
@Kkassu Hey mate, how are you?
[ee] Kkassu
• 23 Jan, 15:43
[lv] laachux
• 20 Jan, 10:42
Thank you very much, kind sir!
[lt] MEEL
• 20 Jan, 08:07
@laachux -link- or they're also listed on the left on xj website
[lv] laachux
• 19 Jan, 14:39
Where (what servers) nowadays people play on? What do you recommend? Want to jump around a bit
KZ-Baltic Kreedz Server #2
Players: 0/18
World record 01:56.17
Baltic record 02:15.17
Server record 02:20.39